Recognizing the Class of 2021!

At ImOn Communications, we are committed to celebrating  our local high school seniors and we want to give our ImOn customers a chance to recognize their graduates' accomplishments.

Over the next few weeks, ImOn will be highlighting local high school seniors on our ImOn cable TV channels and social media pages. If you are a current ImOn customer and are interested in celebrating your local high school senior, just fill out the form below with your student’s name, their high school, and a senior picture.

We will be taking submissions from April 22 to May 14, 2021, and will air the senior highlights on our cable TV channels and social media between May 20 and June 9, 2021.

Help us celebrate the Corridor's class of 2021!


*Please note that we cannot use copyrighted photos and by submitting a photo, you agree that you have the rights to that photo.  Photos submitted  may not contain any content that is deemed obscene, offensive or contains trademarked or copyrighted photos. No group photos. Only one person allowed in the photo. Only one photo for each graduate. Both professional and home photos allowed. Do not submit photographs taken by a professional photographer, or a photographer for whom you paid a fee, without express written consent from that photographer. Appropriate dress required. Must be 18 and over to upload and enter. Parents/guardians may upload on behalf of graduate. By uploading photos, you are giving ImOn Communications the right to display your photos on our cable TV channels, website, and social media sites.